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The Best Foods To Feed Your Baby Arowana

Arowana fish have a big and completely different meals consuming routine and really one thing that may slot in there mouth is taken into consideration meals to them. But after we’re caring for a toddler arowana we have got to be additional aware of the meals we’re feeding them. Personally I don’t recommend reside bait feeding to a youthful arowana because of how inclined they will be to sickness and reside bait is the most important rationalization for sickness unfold amongst aquarium arowanas.

Here is the run down of meals kinds that may go properly with a toddler arowana whether or not or not it is silver, purple or golden. I’m classing a toddler arowana as any arowana beneath 15cm in measurement. This dimension of arowana fish should be fed as a lot as 3 cases a day.

Frozen/ freeze dried bloodworms:

This is a extremely healthful and nutritious meals for a kid arowana and its a meals that is usually and easily accepted correct from the start. This is nice as arowanas are sometimes often known as being picky eaters.

Also the bloodworms float for a time interval which is ready to give your fish time to eat them.

Baby Crickets:

Another healthful meals that almost all baby arowanas will take to immediately. Make constructive that it is baby crickets that you just’re using because the bigger crickets have a tricky exterior shell which can set off intestinal injury in a youthful arowana. Some of us feed the kid crickets carrots or completely different dietary meals sooner than feeding them to the arowana. This is one different strategy to get additional nutritional vitamins into your baby arowana.

Freeze Dried Plankton:

This is one different good meals which contains a great deal of carotene. This meals moreover floats which is ready to allow the youthful arowana enough time to eat it nevertheless merely concede to interrupt off the arduous and pointy parts sooner than dropping it inside the tank.

Foodsticks/ pellets:

If your arowana is consuming successfully and seems content material materials you then may try and introduce him to a gradual meals like a foodstick or pellet. Just concede to interrupt the foodstick and pellets down for the arowana to eat.


Market shrimp is perhaps fed to a toddler arowana as long as it is decrease down small enough and able to slot in its mouth. Just keep in mind moreover to take off the arduous shell/ pores and pores and skin and make certain that the shrimp is accurately defrosted if frozen sooner than hand.

High Quality Flake

Can be used to mix up there consuming routine when youthful, nevertheless not worth using after they get bigger as a result of it might not fill them.

The feeding of assorted sorts of meals to a toddler arowana is important as a result of it makes them a lot much less inclined to reject utterly completely different meals after they get bigger. Its moreover important to feed a toddler arowana not lower than thrice a day as they develop fast nevertheless try to not over feed them each time.

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